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A Framework for Translating Strategy to Results


"Connecting the Dots"


Growth and success depend on aligning operational objectives with corporate vision.

This means making sure that your staff is doing the right things with the right tools for the right reasons. 

While there is much written on developing strategy, there is relatively little written on how to implement strategy. Recognizing that this is an often missing link, iNPOINT Advisors has focused on asking tough questions to rapidly and accurately diagnose gaps in organizational alignment.  

This perspective ensures that the right resources -- people financial and technological -- are being utilized in the right way to to achieve the right results.

Based on our many years of experience, iNPOINT Advisors has created a framework and methodology that identifies:

  • Organizational “misalignment”

  • Defines steps to corrective action

  • Establishes a structure for monitoring

  • Delivers enhanced corporate performance 

We call this framework, "Connecting the Dots"

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