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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire innovation and insight through integration – of thought, people, process, and technology. 

We believe in the power of collaboration. It is the collective wisdom of our colleagues, partners, clients and thought leaders that inform us. We apply this knowledge on a daily basis to generate tangible and lasting results for our clients – in solving problems, defining new approaches to business and operations and empowering leadership to best support change.

Our Focus 

Every client comes with unique ideas, resources and challenges.  To ensure that we "get it right" for each and every client, we have the flexibility to

  • Find the right consultant for the situation

  • Apply the right approach

  • Develop the right project plan

  • Deliver at the right value point 

For more information on how we can help "right" things for you, please contact us!


At iNPOINT Advisors we apply the concepts of systems thinking to see the forest through the perspective of the trees.

We provide executive level consulting to help organizations translate their strategic vision and objectives into tangible results.

Our Guidance

As the leader of iNPOINT Advisors, Georgia Perkey is responsible for finding the right fit for each client.      


Ms. Perkey has held key leadership positions in both consulting and corporate environments.  Her experience has included working with start-ups, Fortune 1000 and global enterprises.  She has a proven track record in leading cultural and operational change to deliver bottom-line results. 


Most of Ms. Perkey’s business experience has been in turn-around situations.  Her focus was on helping organizations figure out what was working and what was not working and developing plans to implement large-scale enterprise-wide changes  This required honing skills in innovation, creativity, team building, management and, most importantly, leadership and empowerment.

Ms. Perkey is Associate Faculty in the Technological Entreuprenueral Management Program at Arizona State University.  In her classes, Leading the Enterprise and Innovation and Systems Thinking, she has the enviable opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with the future leaders of business and government.  

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