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iNPOINT Advisors has a track record of helping clients turn their strategy into results.  We do this by building on the existing corporate strengths and thoughtfully adding new ideas, systems and processes where needed. 

Projects focused on Strategy and Performance

  • Worked with a senior leadership team to evaluate their enterprise-wide initiatives.  The goal was to focus on those initiatives that best supported their strategy and corporate performance in a defined, measurable way.  Created a multi-year, cross-functional project plan for implementing these changes.

Projects focused on People

  • Facilitated multiple working sessions to identify and resolve inter-departmental friction that was impeding their ability to achieve individual and collective strategic goals 

Projects focused on Process

  • Created a process and tool for monitoring acquisition activities to reduce cycle time, increase accountability and improve work product in order to ensure consistent quality and control.

Projects focused on Technology

  • Re-energized a technology department with new organizational structures, performance reporting, and vendor accountability 

  • Created a portfolio approach to evaluating new technology initiatives to ensure that investments in new software and hardware were providing an agreed upon ROI and aligned with corporate strategy

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